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crane steel wire ropes for red crane


Company profile

聚星平台登录地址 is one of the largest manufacturers of steel wire ropes in China. Since establishment in 1993, YuanBog has plenty of experience over 20 years and has laid the world's foundation. YuanBo runs company adhering to the principle: quality first, customer highest and service are first-rate.

We have the most complete facility and skilled workers; meanwhile, we select the best material for manufacturing of steel wire ropes. What we have done is to ensure our products will meet even exceed the requirement of our customers. Most of all, our price is reasonable so that can reduce the budget of our customers efficiently.

Product range A wide range of steel wire ropes can be supplied as shown below:

  • Bright steel wire rope.
  • Galvanized steel wire rope.
  • Stainless steel wire rope.
  • Compacted wire rope.
  • Rotation resistant wire rope.

Beside above products, steel wire ropes can be manufactured upon your request. Do not forget to enclose the design of your ropes for custom order when emailing.

Our vision

Taking advantages of over 20 years' experience, we knows what types of ropes our customer want most of all. So it is our goal to build wire ropes as good as it can built to suit your project, whether in mining, elevator, crane, gas or oil drilling industries. For YuanBo, our vision is to see that the user gets the satisfaction he has a right to expect.

To fulfill the goal, our service team will have a close contact with our customer to learn about what they need. Then our professional engineering team will give the best solution that suits your project perfectly as well as in a reasonable price.

If you have question, drop us an email and our staff will be more than happy to respond to your inquiry. Our email address is info@.